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Independent Cancer Researcher Threatened Over Unknown Cure For Cancer, Her Response Shocked The Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Jeff_Bell

    I am not in the least surprised by this. Unfortunately, this is common – someone dares to use alternative measures to help people overcome cancer, and if they are successful, especially if they achieve better results than the mainstream, they are ruthlessly suppressed and persecuted by the so-called “health authorities”.

    To anyone who looks into this situation, and who has an open mind and even basic skills in critical thinking, it should be abundantly clear that these very authorities who are charged with protecting the public health are not doing so. Further, they have become the aggressive ‘watchdogs” of the mainstream medical system, especially Big Pharma. Their primary agenda is to protect a cruel and greedy monopoly and to brutally guard their profits.

    These agencies are out of control and no longer following their original mandates, if they ever did.

    More and more people are waking up to what is being done to them and not for them!

    These agencies are riddled with conflicts of interest. For example, the CDC, which is responsible to regulate the use and safety of vaccines in the U.S.A. owns a large portfolio of vaccine patents.

    Further, they do not do a decent job of protecting the public health in most cases. Here is a glaring example: Soon after the roll-out of one of the earlier polio vaccines, it was confirmed that up to 98 MILLION doses of the vaccine had been contaminated with a cancer-causing simian virus. Not only did the CDC not recall the vaccine and get it off the market, but they covered this up for 4 decades! And this is who we trust to protect the public health? And they are worried about apricot seeds?

    • James Peters

      It wasn’t covered up and there no good evidence to show that SV40 causes or increases the risk of cancer in humans

      • Jeff_Bell

        In view of the sources you cite, I know it is futile to even attempt to share evidence that your statements are not accurate.

        However, for anyone else who may read this, there is plenty of well-vetted and credible evidence that SV40 does cause cancer. Further the CDC admitted about 10 years ago that the contamination did occur, decades earlier. The reason they cited for not disclosing was that they “did not want to cause a panic.” Call it what you want. That sounds like a cover-up to me.

        Further, I notice that you cite Snopes as an authoritative source in your comment below. That really says it all.

        • James Peters

          What’s wrong with using peer-reviewed evidence to back my claims up? As for SV40 causing cancer, then the only data we have is from non-human studies. But mice aren’t men. It was known in the 60s that a percentage of polio vaccines in the US were contaminated and if the CDC reported this later then I fail to see how that’s a cover-up?

          The reason I linked to Snopes is because they have added a number of links which show which doctors have taken their own lives, been murdered and died from natural causes. Ms. Elizabeth has never been able to come up with a good argument as to who is killing them and why they would do so.

  • James Peters