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20 Things a Real Man Will Do Like No One Else

  • Deena Patrick

    They must be describing Superman, notice they say some traits they still carry, they also didn’t list all the traits. But I wouldn’t know this have not dated in 17 years.

  • Deena Patrick

    I would like to see their version of a woman, and compare to today’s woman that would be a real shocker.

  • Ed Hare

    I have to ask, how would women feel if men said that to be a real woman, women had to always let the men go first and that real women were expected to always pick up the tab? Would that concept look just as noble if it were seen in the mirror of reversing genders? I can and do honor that my body is stronger than most women, but I do not offer to carry the heavy item because I am a man and she is a woman; I carry it because I have the strength to carry it, and, if I were with a stronger man, I’d still offer to carry it some of the time, to let him rest.