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The A=432 Hz Frequency: DNA Tuning and the Bastardization of Music

  • Shane Lewandoski

    Interesting read. Thank you for the free program. I really appreciate it!

  • Joel Becker

    How does this relate to the Wholetones (
    396Hz, 417Hz, 444Hz, 528Hz, 639Hz, 741Hz, 852Hz ?

    • Dameon Keller

      those aren’t “whole tones.” those are sequential number columns, 3 rows of 6 each. they are also not a scale, and “frequencies” weren’t a thing in biblical times. so, what relates to those, is nothing.

  • ገህኡᎆ ፕኤሄኤጆቹ ፎዑᎆንኡይቺን ዯዑይፕገ

    The measurments from the Great Pyramid are multiples of 432 too . 43200 * length of the base equal the Earths radius

  • Martin Homola

    This “432” Hz is one of the biggest “new age” bullshits and hoaxes spread nowadays. Never before anybody cared about A=432 etc. (they also had no digital tuners before). Some instruments were tuned higher, some lower (see various baroque organs etc.), in India the basic tone for singing is what fits the vocalist’s range etc.They only cared about beautiful music.

    There is nothing particular about A=432 Hz, nothing wrong about A=440 Hz or 438 Hz or whatever. Just an agreement pitch so that everybody can play well together. It is the music and music inspiration that matters … If you play beautifully , it absolutely does not matter if your A= 440, 437 or 430. And vice versa.

    These kind of theories are spread only by people who have no idea about music, cannot play anything nice and just keep honking about such bullshits. I would like to play for these people few things with their “blind” listening. Just few melodies, with instruments tuned in A=440, 442, 429, 432, 435 etc. I am sure they will immediately and reliably recognise when the instruments are tuned to 432 Hz, because at that moment all their energies become connected to the Earth, Universe, Milky way and Holy Shit. I will pay them 1 mil $$ if they are reliably able to recognise which frequency the instruments are tuned in. Thank you for saving me 1 mil 🙂

    This 432 nonsense was actually created by this bankrupted politician:

    Time to stop spreading this nonsense.

    • Grzegorz Piasecki

      Theo real bullshit od what YouTube said
      check out well first than claim anything

  • Nonsense Buster

    This is pure nonsense.

    First of all, why should one be concerned with measurements in miles? Why not kilometers, or leagues, or amot, or any other system of measurement? In any other system, the number changes from 432 to something completely different. So all of the measurements mentioned here are meaningless. Moreover, the diameters of the Sun and Moon were not known in ancient times, and especially not measured in miles.

    Frequency too depends on a standard unit of time. We happen to use seconds, so 432Hz represents 432 vibrations per second. Why not measure time in Planck units, or ghurries, or punktes. In all of these time systems, again, the 432 becomes meaningless.

    So if your theory is relevant only in one specific measurement system and relies on data from the ancient past that was neither measurable at the time, nor measured in the units that you are using, your entire premise is baseless.

    Moreover, there is a logical reason why notes today have given frequencies. Specifically, they are arranged on an exponential (base 2) scale. This means that one note that is one octave above another is exactly twice the frequency of the first. In traditional Western scales, the octave is divided into twelve exactly equal exponential intervals. This gives a system that is mathematically consistent, harmonious, and aesthetically pleasing.

    Further still, the human ear is not “tuned” to any magical frequency. In fact, different ears have different frequency responses. The ear and its cochlear spiral can indeed be represented as a Fibonacci sequence, but it receives frequencies over a wide range, and no matter what “base” frequency is chosen, and octave and indeed all equal exponential intervals of the octave will result in the same mechanical resonance in the ear and the same perception of harmony.

    Finally, the radius of the Sun and Moon (measured in any units) has nothing whatsoever to do with the frequency of sound. We receive electromagnetic, gravitational, and perhaps other forms of radiation from those bodies. But sound requires air as a medium for transmission. Hence, we see and feel those bodies, but we cannot hear them; and in particular, their sizes have nothing to do with how we perceive music.

    In summary, this article is the most ridiculous, foolish piece of pseudo-science that I have ever read.