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Physicists Leak Evidence That Approve Elon Musk’s Theory – The Universe Is A “Computer” Simulation

  • Alexander Levin

    Smoke some DMT and you’ll see this is 100% accurate. First-hand verification from beyond the veil. Everything becomes digital.

  • CarlT

    If we are part of some huge simulation, how do we prove it?

    • David Stewart

      I find a way to hack the program. I get in and rewrite some of the source code.
      Then, suddenly, I’m magic. If I fly away with all the gold, then you can be certain it’s been proven.

      • James of the Clan MacLaren

        If you could hack the system, then why would you need gold? There are so many other conditions that could be changed. Ending hunger, homelessness, eradicate disease, ignorance, bigotry, natural disasters. Gold is such a shallow wish.

  • Joyce Jones

    If you can’t proof read your submission, then I can’t find it believable…