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15 Traits of Indigo Adults: Are You One?

  • Sara Rodríguez

    Are Indigo people always HSP persons and viceversa??. Is it the same??

    • Eric Richard

      HSP? You mean Hasperger ?

      • Sara Rodríguez

        Highly sensitive person 🙂

  • brøtlekott

    you mean NYB (not yet brainwashed) ? ;P

  • Rimni Mukherjee

    Well apart from the electricity thing every other trait goes with an individual who is disillusioned with every other ritual in the world…and yes the spirit thing …I think I’ve seen it once and heard voices as well but can’t possibly get others to believe that it was not petty psychosis and I was not afraid…people just don’t seem to believe things they don’t experience themselves.

  • Kenneth Gramann

    So, that explains why street lamps constantly go out when I drive by.

  • Tamara Merritt

    If all apply, and i am an inigo, what exactly does it mean for me?