If You Experience These 8 Signs You Are a Highly Intuitive Empath Sensitive to Energy…

  • Patricia Mraz

    Sounds about right! I’m both sensitive and empath and am very intuitive all my life.

  • Rachael Burton

    As a few things are on point, they are also relevant to the majority of people. Most people will believe they are a certain way because that is what makes them feel the best about themselves. So, where did you get your medical and psychological decree to say such things as diffinitive. A true journalist never will display an observation or opinion as fact, so I am assuming you have a degree?

    • Christine Hufana

      A medical “decree” is the last thing you’d need to understand this. Western medicine is completely ignorant to the real truth of life. LMAO. Zip it.

  • dirkbruere

    Thank the Gods I’m not

  • Tina Bush

    Unfortunately I’m an empath and have known for about 10 yrs. I wish so much that I weren’t