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The Dark Side Of Empathic People That You Rarely See

  • Gilles Dionne

    Excuse my bad English…

    When an empathy depresses it’s wall to wall. I found a paliatif hat this problem, I became a Reiki master, when imposing hands on a person who has problems I feel the pain but now I know why and I feel useful to do it voluntarily.

    The darkness of my life the presence of living lives in me again. The soul bent on suffering, I still inflict myself and despite all the blessed images of my past. She was the air I breathe, the whole of all my joys and all my happiness. At the twilight of my life I try to breathe again. This indescribable crush that torture my soul makes me a dog ache. The Maestria of Mozart relieves me a little, this music does not make me forget anything but it joins me in the heart.

    Thirteen or fourteen months that my life stopped at the same time as hers, thirteen months and I still do not breathe normally. The hours that turn into their infernal rounds are the daggers that pierce my heart and soul every second, minute, hour. My sleep is not real, it is the fall in extreme fatigue paralysis that can last only one or two hours at a time. I was obsessed during this year of pain by the will to survive, I survived … What for?.

    The abominable emptiness that covers me with his cloak of darkness is now engulfing what I still have motivation to live. Everything has been done to keep me out of this sea of sadness, my children, my friends have been admirable but it is now impossible for me to continue to conceal my moods. Migraines become more and more exacting I hear no more of the left ear, all the bones of my body hurt me, I feel the door of light open slowly, my body is letting me go I have no more motivation. This world no longer has the happiness I need to breathe. I find it selfish to impose this reading on those very few who appreciate me even a little.

    I keep this text for the last moments I will have autonomy, it’ll be my way of expressing my feelings and a childish explanation to my sometimes bizarre behaviors. To those who take me for an angel look again; I have no wings, to those who believe me disturbed; Look again in front of your mirror and you will see the most disturbed of both. To those with whom I once communicated as a friend; Listen again; I will continue to speak to you and will still be listening to you and always willing to do everything to the extent possible to help you even and above all, if this were to happen, in addition to the grave.

    I have mastered my empathy, i have mastered the pain, i have mastered Reiki and put this useful default to work.
    Gilles Dionne Reiki Master