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Researchers Make a SHOCKING Claim That Humans Did NOT Evolve On Earth!

  • Ron W Ballew

    Of course, Humans did not evolve on Earth. Humans did not evolve at all. Humans were created in the Garden of Eden. which was destroyed after Humans were thrown out of it for failing to obey God. The Garden of Eden could have been Mars, which was destroyed so that Humans could not ever return to it.

    • silkhead

      oh you are funny

    • Neville Robinson

      deluded….the religious zealots held back the human race for centuries ? and your still at it today !

    • Andrew Hooper

      Religion was made by man, not man by religion.

      • Heidi Newby-Rose

        And repeating a slogan like that makes you intelligent?

    • Jason Klein

      Oh my, evolution is proven.

    • Derek Wilson

      Just another defender of the constitution.. Afraid of facts.

  • gk

    This is something I have felt most of my life, I keep looking up at the sky, with a very wistful feeling, like I am missing a place that I love;I once had an experience that I can’t explain, I woke up sobbing, and most of the day, I felt really sad, like I was somewhere else, and when I woke up, I knew I couldn’t go back there.

    • Jason Klein

      Isn’t it also thought that some people seem to be more in tune to a 25 hour internal clock?

  • Charles Van Noland

    Don’t touch me there…. in the soul.

  • delmer6523

    I all way feel like that I don’t belong on earth . And when I was young and now I am older I feel tha same .I love to learn about outer space.